Friday, September 28, 2012

Flu Shot & Ceramics

I'm not really afraid of shots or having blood drawn.  128 any time of day...WalMart...pass the Valium.  But I'm good with shots.

I used to work for an insurance company and always got my shot at work.  At first it was private but over the years there might be 5 of us in a room having shots at the same time.  It was always a good reminder to wear the right clothing or else....  This year I was anxious about it.  Should I call my doctor?  What should I do?  Then I saw that Walgreen's was offering the shots.  Plus, it would come with 1,500 balance reward points, so what's not to love?  I made an appointment, sat with the very nice pharmacist and got my shot right there in the store.  At least I dressed properly.  And we had an interesting conversation about swine flu - thankfully it is no longer the threat it was in recent years. 

If you're afraid of needles, I say - get the shot and get the balance reward points - totally worth it from medical and couponing standpoints.

From the flu shot, I drove across the street (literally) and met my mother for my very first ceramics experience.

I never took ceramics as a youth.  I'm not sure why.  My best friend in elementary school, Cheryl, did and I always wanted to.  I do not know why I didn't but I'll make my mother feel badly about it later - during the holidays I think - when she's likely to try to make up for it.

Anyhow, there's an awesome shop right here in my town (thank you Holly for telling me!!!) called Look What I Made! Pottery.  I had to pretty much force my mother to join me but she came.  And what fun it was.  We were like two small children with no clue but Natalie, who is the ceramics Angel, was patient and kind and we had a good time.  Our projects will be ready next week and I can't wait to see them!

The magic of the experience is the peace.  You can go with friends (adult learner & ladies nights -- you can bring wine!) or you can go alone.  You choose your project and paint.  Natalie will help you if you ask her or she'll leave you be if you need that.  I felt so relaxed while I was there & the time flew by. 

I had a ceramic date already set up with friends Holly & Adrienne two days later and I was really excited to get back there.  We talked lots - about all kinds of stuff {children, partners, endings, beginnings, cancer, food, work = life}.  Time zoomed by again.

I learned a few things during ceramics this week.  They are, in no particular order: I suck at art; I love ceramics even though I suck at art; I love spending time with my mother; I have some wonderful and amazing friends; and, I am addicted to pottery.  I already have chosen my next two projects and can't wait to get back there.  I am going to go by myself one day next week and experience it all alone.  And I know Natalie will keep me company if I get lonely.

If you've never tried something new that sounds goofy - I say - you're probably missing out on something fun and you are for sure missing out on quality time with people you love.



  1. Am I getting a hand made plate from you for Christmas?? I so better be getting something hand made from you!!!
    Glad you are enjoying it so much - and how blessed and lucky you are for your Mum, your friends...what's cooler is that you and for realize and appreciate what you have in them!

  2. I am happy to share my sucky painting with all! You just be getting something I made at Christmas!

    I am blessed, and you are high on my list. I know one day you'll surprise me and will have taken time off just for you (and me) and we'll hang out. Maybe we can paint! ♥