Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The best things in life aren't things

I was getting ready to write about how some things are important.  A wedding gift we received broke last week and I was very sad about it.

A little back story ... when my cousin Laura got married in 2008, I gave them a gurgling cod pitcher.  Laura told me she would give me one when I got married.  At that time, I was single and believed I would never get married so I didn't choose a color or anything.  Fast forward to 2009 when I brought my new boyfriend to Plymouth to meet my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Ed, Laura and her husband Kevin.  As we walked along the beach, Laura asked me what color cod I wanted.  I had already decided I was keeping this boyfriend - either he'd marry me or I'd chain him to the basement wall.  Laura knew he was the one also.  Fast forward again to August 22, 2010 - the day we got engaged.  I called Laura and told her to pick out the cod.  She and Kevin gave us two small cod as a pre-wedding present & the larger cod for our wedding.  They maintained a special place in my heart & on our mantle.

Last week a framed image we had above the mantle fell down.  It took the large cod with it.  Our wedding cake topper was spared but I felt so sad at the loss of the cod.  It can be replaced and I have the story but I still felt sad.

Then last night I saw the horror in Oklahoma.  Homes - gone in an instant.  Incredible devastation.  Children trapped in schools.  People missing.  The first thing I did when I heard about it on the news was to send prayers.  I kept hoping the trapped children would be OK.  I kept hoping that families would find one another and that the death toll would not be high.  I woke up to mixed news.  Sad.  My heart hurt looking at the photos.  When I saw the video of Barbara Garcia finding her puppy in the rubble I was reminded of what really mattered.

All of the heartache and destruction in Oklahoma slapped me in the back of the head to remind me that it isn't about things.  Yes, we can cherish our belongings and feel sad if anything happens to them.  At the end of the day though, if my house disappeared, as long as I had Brad and our cats, Camille & Winnie, we would be OK.  Brad and the cats are my family and they are what matter.

If you get wrapped up in what you have or what you do not have - I say to you - count the people and not the things and never lose sight of what is really important. ♥



  1. So very true! It is truly the people in your life that mean the most! It's sad about the cod, but it's really more of a symbol of your marriage and the love from us to you and you to each other. The important thing is that will never change. Replacing the 'thing' that symbolizes it is easy! And because there is always a silver lining (as in you get to choose a new color if you'd like), I will ask the question again... what color do you want? Lots of Love, Laura

    1. You are wonderful! But I have enough in having you & Kevin, the memories and the story. Remember how your dad didn't know how you and Auntie Nancy could figure that we were engaged from my message about choosing a color? That's all I need. Love you back ♥