Sunday, March 22, 2015

Let Karma handle it

Ever have one of those days when things suck because of someone else?  Maybe someone cut you off in traffic, or took a parking spot you were patiently waiting on. Perhaps someone embarrassed you to make themselves feel powerful or undermined something you did for their own benefit. Did they lie to look good and try to make you look bad? Convince you that you needed to do something where you'd be screwed but they would benefit?

Happens all the time. We're human and we are, all of us, imperfect. Many of us try to walk the high road no matter how often we think it would be easier to walk on a lower path. We are honest and we really do make every effort to do the right thing, only to wind up being hurt or harmed just the same. It isn't easy to turn the other cheek over and over and over without wondering when you can run out of cheeks and just hit back. We worry about what's going to happen next - how much more can we take?

I'm very much one of those "just in case" kinda people. I develop a false sense of security that if I can somehow plan for all possible outcomes, I'll be ready for anything. Truth is, what often happens is never as bad as anything I planned for, and, I waste energy worrying over things that don't come to fruition. I can also never plan for all possible outcomes - especially when other people, weather or animals are involved. Still I keep trying and keep wasting energy.

When I'm wasting that energy trying to control the universe, I'm taking myself away from the good stuff. I'm not 100% present in my life, because I'm squinting at a crystal ball waiting for something to make sense. When I'm not present, I'm missing out...on nature, on people, on peace. A resolution I always have on the tip of my tongue is "be present". Try to focus on now. And when I do it -- WOW! It is generally awesome. Tasks are completed faster and better. I have a higher energy level because I'm not wasting energy worrying over every little thing. I'm happy to be experiencing life with the people I want to be with instead of being locked away in my own head.

Underneath all the over planning and worrying, I want to believe that Karma has my back. At some point, what people get for their behavior is what they deserve. The payback is not always super dramatic or negative. I believe that Karma can be doled out in positive chunks. In Buddhism, Karma is viewed as the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Really, a person's destiny. Do good now and hopefully good will come back to you. Do bad now and hopefully you will be "rewarded".

It's a tough line to walk. Wishing bad things on others. It's reality - at least for me. I do it. I try not to be specific. In my mind (and sometimes out loud) I just wish that people get what they deserve.  I'm also very well aware that I am on the receiving end. I know it and I try to keep things balanced.

Letting things go isn't easy, but it's necessary. It is difficult to think clearly when we clutter our minds with worry and negativity. When we miss too much because we're so busy waiting for something else - we lose. If you think you can't let go for a minute -- I say to you -- do it. You'll be glad you did and Karma will be there to back you up.


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