Saturday, June 20, 2015

Beauty Blog: Alaska Glacial Mud Company

I have never written a beauty blog before -- or any blog other than to share my own thoughts. Recently, the Alaska Glacial Mud Company was looking for blog writers to indulge in some mud, and blog. I jumped at the chance - because...I.  Love.  Their.  Mud. 

Go check out their website.  Go now...I'll wait. :) 

Turns out, they were looking for beauty bloggers, and I had to explain that I was not one, but that I loved their product. So Lauren, the company president, took a chance and let me test & write. 

A little backstory so you'll know how I managed to fall in love with Alaska Glacial Mud. Since 1998 or so, I've been receiving facials from my dear friend Kerri (visit The Skin Clinique in Melrose MA and tell Kerri I sent you). To some, facials are an indulgence. To me, they are a lifesaver. My skin is sensitive and regular facials help keep it in balance. Spending time with Kerri, while she pampers me, keeps my mental health in check. Win Win Win

Last winter, I asked Kerri for something to help when my skin felt stressed between facials. She suggested Alaska Glacial Mud purifying mineral mud masque in Lavender-Peppermint. She told me it was perfect for between facials and that once a week use would be just right. What Kerri loves about the products is how eco-friendly they are. They use only natural, wild and organic ingredients. They do not use synthetic fragrances, color fillers, parabens or other things that aren't going to help me or the environment. Their products are cruelty-free and allergy tested for all skin types. And they smell sensational. Sold!

I have been using the Lavender/Peppermint regularly and love it. It comes with a wonderful brush, goes on smoothly and washed off easily. My skin never feels tight or dried out afterward. The brush needs a wash in soap and water and it cleans right up.

When I received my test package, it contained three samples of the purifying mineral mud masque: Lavender-Peppermint, Lavender-Vanilla and Unscented along with a wonderful brush. I could hardly wait to try the Lavender-Vanilla and Unscented. I was not at all disappointed. Both did the same awesome job of helping my skin to de-stress while taking care not to leave it dry or overworked. Now I will to keep jars of each on hand because I loved them all.

In addition to the joy of using the purifying mineral mud masque, I was really pleased to learn that this is a company that cares. The mud is harvested from the Copper River Delta in south central Alaska. That's where the company is located. They aren't just asking that the mud be scooped up and sent to -- this is where they live. They are also advocates for the Copper River Delta/Watershed and pledge 10% of their profits to local organizations that love, work and fight for its protection. This make them a great corporate neighbor in my book.

Did I mention that these products are not and should not be limited to use by women only? Men---do this---you will love it. Taking care of your skin is sexy.

Caring for your skin should not be an indulgence - it should be part of each day. If you think you don't have time to pamper yourself once a week with an Alaska Glacial Mud purifying mineral mud masque - I say to you - you owe it to yourself to find the time.

I received a sample package of each mineral mud masque and a brush, but the words and opinions above are mine.

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