Monday, January 18, 2016

The last time my heart melted was because...

Inspired by Mama's Losing It writing prompts

#1) The last time my heart melted was because

I met my husband 7 years ago and he's probably caused my heart to melt 8 zillion times.  He is a kind and good man.  There is one time though, that really stands out.  I still can't tell the story without tearing up.

During the summer of 2014 we were vacationing in the Rangeley region of Maine.  If you have never been and you love the peace and beauty of the Maine woods, I highly recommend it.  If you have been, you know that the Appalachian Trail runs right through Rangeley.  It is not uncommon to see hikers around town, eating or walking or resting - they are easily recognizable.  Personally, I know that kind of hiking is beyond anything I could do and I greatly admire these folks for taking on this kind of challenge.

One night, we were finishing dinner at a local pub (Sarge's, if you ever visit and need an incredible burger).  It was late and the place was quiet.  A young man walked in, a hiker.  He asked if it would be alright for him to charge his phone and would there be any cost.  The bartender told him it was fine to charge, and there was certainly no cost.  The hiker asked for a glass of water and hung out while his phone charged.

There was something about this hiker.  He was young.  He looked like he needed a warm shower and a hot meal.  He was also pretty peaceful looking.  As if not having a shower or dinner or anything was fine - he was on this incredible hike in a beautiful place - and that was enough.

My husband called our server over and told her to have him order something to eat and add it to our bill.  I choked up right there and our server got all misty herself.  She relayed the offer and the hiker ordered an appetizer, then thanked us.

It was an appetizer.  To some people, not a big deal.  To this hiker, an unexpected act of kindness and some hot food.  To me, a reminder that giving doesn't have to come with balloons and front page coverage - it has to come from the heart.  And my heart melts every time I think about that night.

If you think the little things don't matter - I say to you - think again, because you never know how much they do.



  1. Oh, that's beautiful! That hiker probably will always remember that, just like you do. I saw the movie "A Walk in the Woods" and I would love to do at least part of the Appalachian trail. What a grand experience that would be!

  2. Yes. That is enough to cause a heart to melt. Love it.

  3. Such kind gestures mean so much to people. You never know another persons struggle. It's easier just to be kind to people. How you treat strangers shows your true character.

    I will now have to google this lovely place in Maine. I've never been to the NE area of the US and it's always looked amazing to me.

  4. Swooooon! That was so thoughtful! And now I want to go to Maine. Sounds beautiful!

  5. Totally swoon-worthy. We had a guy give up his bus seat late one night for my daughter to sit. People have no idea how that little thing made a huge difference for our night.

  6. Thank you all. He is the best guy and it was such a special night ♥